Hangars project in process

Hangars type T to W

The project of contruction of the first section of hangars type T was concluded. These hangars are already available; for further information please call to the next phone and/or e mail:

•Phone: (81)80309090 (Ext. 135 Ing. Luis Alemán López y/o Ext. 108 C.P. Victor Zapata)

•Email: aeropuertoadn@adelnorte.com.mx




Open Hangar Type T with a measure of 44 ft x 36 ft

Plus, Del Norte International Airport has enough land for your hangar project which could be:

  • Closed individual hangars with measure of 50 ft x 66 ft or if you prefer 66 ft x 98 ft
  • Closed hangar with a measure of 98 ft x 295 ft

  • For reserve your space and Information please call Tel. +52 (81) 8030-9090 or if you prefer CLICK HERE