The airport has two lighted runways :
Runway 02-20: 6260 ft length x 148 ft width
Runway 11-29: 5049 ft length x 148 ft width


P.A.P.I. Lights (Runway 02, 20, 11)
R.E.I.L. Lights(Runway 20)
Illumination of taxiway ECHO and ALPHA.
The taxiways have light reflectors.

ILS (Instrument Landing System)

Marconi Brand
Category I


Three lighted wind cones.
Omni-directional Beacon.
Control Tower and Radar.
Recorded flight plan.

Satellite Meteorology Station

Satellite Meteorology Service Meteorlogix. (With no cost at Dispatch’s Office)


Three refuelers to supply jet fuel and two for avgas.

Fire Department

The airport has a Fire Fighter Department in category VII, comprising staff trained in fire fighting and prevention, dangerous materials, pre-hospital medical care, search and rescue.
1 Unit of rapid intervention.
2 Units of heavy fight.
2 Support units.
Which together add up to 25.000 liters of extinguishing agent, Ambulance equipped for advanced- basic life support

Control Tower

Torre de Control