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    Taxiway Alpha to north extension.

    We have set in operation the first extension of the taxiway alpha to the north, we want to notice you that in December we have planned to finish this work that covers from runway 11-29 to taxiway J

    Progress of new terminal construction.

    We continue the contruction works of the new terminal, for this reason we keep asking you for your understanding of these inconvenience.

    Perimetral fence

    We keep with the install works of 2,055 lineal meters of chain link fence in the perimeter of the airport, in the adjoining areas with the highway to Salinas, threshold of runway 11 and Glideslope area.

    Concerned about keep the security of the airport, we have started a contruction of a perimetral of 2.20 meters of height, which adjoins with the social rehabilitation center in Apodaca, which will be constructed in steps.

    Taxiway W

    We keep working in the modernization of the infrastructure of our airport, this is because we want to share with you the construction of the taxiway W; this new taxiway of acces to community hangars. To date is already finished and operating.

    Taxiway "P"

    As a result of greater dynamism and growth in operations at the airport, we started the project taxiway "P", this project consists of a new taxiway 568 ft long by 50 ft wide. Currently on stage at base 328 ft and 246 ft wide dirt road, which represents an increase of 60%.

    Construction of perimeter wall

    We continue to monitor the safety plan and in order to maintain privacy to the interior of the airport facilities, we work to build the perimeter wall along the highway to Laredo.

    New Patrol Security

    As part of our plan to modernize equipment and surveillance department, we added to our fleet a new patrol.

    Lighting Upgrade

    Modernization of street lights from vehicles in the area of new development, a more efficient by allowing us to gain better visibility and lower energy costs.

    Waiting Room Remodel

    We are doing remodeling work in the main hall and corridors under the terminal building, this in order to further increase the efficiency of our services Customs and Immigration.


    As part of our plan to modernize equipment and fuel department, we added to our fleet a gas supply pipe plane, allowing us to provide better and efficient service.

    Taxiway "M"

    We have concluded and put into operation the taxiway "M" parallel to the runway 11-29, consisting of a final length of 815.25 mts x 15 mts connecting to the threshold of runway 11. These works continue to expand the infrastructure and improving traffic safety ground.

    Consolidates Del Norte International Airport the best airport nationwide private

    Monterrey, N.L.- The Administrative Board of Del Norte International Airport, during the annual assembly of shareholders, where emphasized the advantage, achievements and investments.

    During the administration in the ADN, consolidate to Del Norte International airport, as the best private airport at nationwide and he positioned in the ninth place within the entire aviation system in Mexico.

    This has been achieved on the basis of forged work by all partners. During this time he began the process of transformation of the infrastructure of the North International Airport, with a great variety of works among which the construction of the new control tower, and detonated the project known as the New Development where continuous with the installation of new hangars, and Aeronautics Research Centre of the UANL. Also noteworthy works as new taxiways within the premises of the DNA, tracks maintenance, stormwater channel, plant fuel, perimeter fencing

    The associates group of this airport approved approved the designation of the Engineer David Alberto Garza Herrera as the New President of the Administrative Board of "Del Norte International Airport",the Engineer Jorge Barron Lu as Secretary and the Engineer Juan Gerardo Rodríguez Gracia as the Treasurer.