In Del Norte International Airport we have the dispatch’s office provided by “SENEAM” wich offer us services such as:

  • Counseling and operational coordination for the flight plan
  • Interpreting and advising the pilot of meteorological information (reports and forecasts for airports, area forecast, and higher winds.)
  • Elaboration and local weather information
  • Coordination and dissemination of NOTAM Information
  • Operational coordination with other dependencies
  • Coordination of the flight plan with the destination airport
  • Coordination of search and rescue.

  • One of the eases that is provided by this office notes that the pilot can use the following methods for filing his flight plan and/or to obtain weather information.

  • Recorded Flight Plan
  • Radio Frequency 132.1 MHz
  • Telephone +52 (81) 13445410
  • Personally in Dispatch’s office.
  • This office provides services in the following schedule:
    Local Time
    07:00 – 24:00 Hours.

    Coordinated Universal Time
    1300 – 0600 Winter time
    1200 – 0500 Summer time